Quad PPF superiority

The QUAD has the most advanced automotive film technology and processes, including: polyester fiber coating technology, film surface scratch and laminate synthesis technology, nano-injection double coating technology.

The QUAD Paint Protective Film has six advantages:

  1. It has strong toughness,can protect the paint surface perfectly and resist the damage of scratch on the paint surface. The strong natural ductility, so that the product does not need to use baking gun heating, the construction is very convenient, and it is easy to wrap any surface.
  2. Adopt the world’s unique nano-level injectiondouble coating process, is a completely invisible paint protective film.
  3. OpticalTPU material, with nano-coating process, has ultra-high definition and light transmittance. After construction, it can increase the brightness of the paint surface by 40%, and the brightness can be maintained during the warranty period.
  4. Perfect corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance function, which can keep the perfect effect, has the characteristics of easy care, not easy to stain.
  5. No minor scratchesfor life, has a strong resistance to scratch function, and avoid hair-shaped scratches caused by car washing and branch scratching
  6. High definition, good viscosity, construction can paste repeatedly without leaving any adhesive, tear without residual glue, do not hurt the paint surface.

The QUAD Paint Protective Film uses the optical grade TPU material with the nano-coating process which has ultra-high definition and transparency.it can increase and maintain the brightness of the surface by 50% after construction.

It has high definition and good viscosity. It can be peeled off repeatedly during the construction process and without leaving any offset printing.of course no damage to the car paint.This technology can solve the disadvantages of other productions and make the construction more convenience.