Why do client  choose QUAD Automotive Film?

QUAD Automotive Film has three advantages: 1. Automatic repair function for scratch , and can increase the brightness of the surface 2. Avoid high-speed stone damage to the surface, and can effectively isolate the corrosion of shell paint, gum, acid rain . 3. Super toughness that can effectively resist mild scratches and rubs.

What is the function of scratch repair?

The theory of automatic repair: There is a special polymer coating on the surface of film. This transparent coating has scratch memory repair function. When the surface is subjected to external action, it can repair to the original state.

How deep scratches can be repaired automatically?

The main purpose of the coating is to solve the surface scratches and common spirals which will be happened during the daily cleaning. But if the scratch destroys the coating , it won’t can heal by itself.

How long it will can scratch repair?

The time of scratch repair depends on the severity of the scratch and the ambient temperature. Slight scratches are usually one hour which room temperature is about 22 degrees. When the temperature is higher, the repair time will be shorter. At any time, you can use hot water to speed up the repair process.

How many times the clear coat can be repaired?

there is no limit times as long as the coating is not damaged.

How long does the coat can be maintained?

Depending on the film condition, the clear coat can maintain forever. Regular cleaning and waxing can keep the coating in great status.

How to avoid the corrosion of shell paint, gum, acid rain to the car paint?

QUAD Automotive Film has strong stain resistance and chemical resistance. the coating has very low surface adhesion which makes various stains can’t attach to the surface and easy to wash off.

How to keep the film maintenance.

QUAD Automotive Film is very easy to take care. the instructions are as below: After construction,you  can wash the car normally after 3 days. And also can remove with a shellac detergent. If it is a very strong stain, you can use alcohol or paint thinner to remove it but please avoid touching the car paint . Frequent waxing will keep the film surface for a long time.

What is the policy of QUAD Automotive Film?

QUAD Automotive Film has a complete quality assurance system. All vehicles whic use the QUAD film can enjoy official warranty and the shelf life up to 10 years. The warranty covers: yellowing, cracking, foaming and delamination. This warranty does not cover the damage caused by human factors.