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Quad Smart Film
3175 W Ali Baba Ln
Las Vegas
Invitation for IBS “International Builders Show”
Happy New Year!
Please visit our booth during the  IBS “International builders show” in Las Vegas Convention Center between January 20th to 22nd. Our booth number is C9343 and is located in the central hall. We will have display our Smart Film with different color and will be conducting demonstrations at our booth. Our representative will be there to answer any questions you may have about our Smart Film.
Quad Smart Film has been manufacturing window film and tint in the industry for more than 15 years. Our customers say that they consistently receive first rate service from us and recommend us to others. We stand behind our products with our warranty. We offer very competitive pricing for our high quality products.
The products we provides are:

  • Self- Adhesive Smart Film – The Best and Easiest Smart Film Installation for New and Existing Glass & Windows with a Simple Switch to Change from Clear to Opaque.
  • Lamination Film – Smart, Switchable, and Renovating Lamination Film for Fabricators and Glass Manufacturers that Changes from Clear to Opaque.
  • Projector Glass – Private and High Performance Projector Glass for Interior Spaces.
  • Smart Glass – Transparency levels of the Smart Glass can be set by the user to their own personal preference.

We invite you to take advantage of the displays and demonstrations that will be presented at our booth.
Please be sure to stop by. We look forward to seeing you there!
Quad Smart Film Team
Office Phone: (702) 998-9811

Quad Smart Film LLC is here in the US – Las Vegas, Nevada to be exact. We are here to Sale, Supply and Establish Long Lasting Business Relationships by providing the Smart Film Products at the Highest Quality and at the Lowest Prices in the World! YES We are the Manufacturers of the Smart Film Products! NO We are NOT Retailers that Buy and Resell someone else’s Smart Film Products!
Nope!! We work very hard in what we do and we will continue to work harder and harder to provide the very best at the unbelievable lowest prices Always! Our Manufacturing Facility is in Jiangxi, China Quad Smart Film LLC the US Company of:
Jiangxi Kewei Film New Material Co,Ltd 
Quad Smart Film is here to Supply Companies that already use the Smart Film Products as well as take it all around the World by signing up Dealers and Distributors. Quad Smart Film backs our Smart Film Products and will always give you the very best customer support by building up those strong Business Relationships, giving, doing and going above all others to do everything we can for your success. So Contact A Quad Smart Film Representative Today and lets start this new direction together.
Written by:
Quad Smart Film LLC
Sales and Marketing Manager
Dealer / Distributor Representative
Deeanna Lucas